SVQ Training

GMD is an accredited centre with Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to deliver Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ’s).

SVQs are work-based qualifications, which assess the skills and knowledge people have and need to perform their job effectively. The qualifications demonstrate how employees meet National Occupational Standards in their workplace.

As a training provider we regarded ourselves as having a unique approach to the delivery of SVQ’s. Our aim is to develop the individual and answer the needs of their organisation.

GMD Community Care

SVQ’S Provided at our Centre:

SVQ Level
Social Services & Healthcare 2, 3 & 4 (SCQF 6 7 & 9)
Learning & Development 3 & 4
Management 3 & 4
Youth Work 2 & 3 (SCQF 5, 6)
Assessor and Verifier Awards A1, A2 & V1

The Benefits of SVQ's

SVQ’s can benefit your organisation by:

  • Encouraging employees to think about the work they do
  • Build employees strengths and focus training & development on the areas where improvement is required
  • Encouraging employees to consider he policies and procedures which affect them
  • Providing the opportunity to improve good practice
  • Raising the skills of your workforce to National Occupational Standards

Who can undertake an SVQ?

SVQ’s can be accessed by everyone in the workplace.

There are:

  • No minimum entry requirements in relation to previous qualifications
  • No age limits


  • Individuals special needs will be addressed
  • Workshops will be held to provide induction and support for candidates
  • After completing training, candidates will be supported through informal guidance and planned meetings with their assessor

How does it work?

  • You will be allocated an assessor who will come to see you on a regular basis. (Times and dates for these visits will be set by negotiation)
  • Your assessor will work with you to gather evidence to prove your competence.
  • Evidence can be obtained in different ways, and your assessor will help you find the easiest/best way to do this.
  • One way is for the assessor to observe you at work carrying out your daily duties
  • Another is to organise a professional discussion with you and talk about your job role and the duties that you carry out.
  • Or you might write a statement (reflective account) to describe specific tasks you have carried out.
  • You could also obtain a signed statement from your mentor or supervisor (a Expert Witness testimony) to prove you are working to the required standard.

How long will it take?

This will depend on how much time you can spend on your SVQ Award. Most of the evidence for assessment can be collected during a normal working day. We recommend a year be allocated to complete level 3 awards.

GMD aims to:

Give you Choice & Control.
Maintain your Independence.
Deliver Quality Care.

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